The Design Challenge

Friends of Nolen Waterfront is proud to partner with City of Madison on this project. Thanks to many donors, we were able to fund half of the Challenge stipends for the final three design teams.

The Lake Monona Waterfront Design Challenge is a competition to create a visionary, inclusive, and environmentally focused master plan for 1.7 miles of shoreline and 17 acres of Madison's foremost public lakefront. The Design Challenge process started in March 2022.

Based on RFQ submissions, the City selected three multi-disciplinary teams to participate in the Design Challenge. Each selected team will receive a contract for a set stipend of $75,000 to develop a waterfront master plan option and participate in the competition.

A City-appointed ad-hoc committee will review the master plan submissions and select a preferred master plan to proceed in the plan approval process. The selection includes the opportunity for the chosen design team to further contract with the City for plan refinement and schematic development.

A preferred master plan will be selected through public input and the City’s Ad-hoc Committee evaluation; The City of Madison Parks Division has allocated a maximum of $200,000 for the second contract award pending the negotiated scope of services with the selected Design Team.

The Design Challenge Check In

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