Friends of Nolen Waterfront Milestones

November 7, 2022: Design Challenge Check In
The three teams presented initial thoughts and concepts online in developing a master plan vision of the Lake Monona Waterfront. If you are interested, you can watch the entire presentation by clicking on this link to the City of Madison site:

Design Challenge Check In

October 3, 2022: Design Challenge Kick-Off
The three design teams livestreamed to the event and introduced themselves and their teams’ unique perspective on master plan development.

2022: Lake Monona Design Challenge is approved and an Ad-Hoc Committee is formed. Friends of Nolen Waterfront supports the challenge by providing 50% of the funding.

2019: Parks Division Preliminary Report for the Lake Monona Waterfront corridor.

2018: City approved funding for development of signature park master plan.

2016–2018: Ad Hoc committee of community members and Madison-area design professionals meet to support the Lake Monona Waterfront. Formation of Friends of Nolen Waterfront, Inc. as an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

2008–2015: An all-volunteer group of community members and Madison-area design professionals gather to envision potential transformational projects to enhance downtown Madison’s unique isthmus geography, including the Lake Monona waterfront.

Friends of Nolen Waterfront Board Members

  • Raj Shukla, President of FNW, The Nature Conservancy
  • Claire Schaefer Oleksiak, Vice President of FNW, Sustain Dane
  • Allen Arntsen, Secretary of FNW, Foley & Lardner – Retired
  • Jim Bradley, Treasurer of FNW, Home Savings Bank – Retired
  • Jason Ilstrup, At-Large Executive Committee of FNW, Downtown Madison Inc.
  • Tim Anderson, Architect – Retired
  • Deb Archer, Archer Strategic Partners
  • Brenda Baker, Madison Children’s Museum
  • Pam Christenson, MGE
  • Aaron Frank, Madison Top Company
  • Tyler Leeper, Madison Boats
  • Sarah Neujahr, New Year Investments
  • Jamie Patrick, Destination Madison & Madison Area Sports Commission
  • Carol Richard, Ross Street Design
  • Technical Task Force: Tim Anderson, architect and urban planner; Alan Fish, redevelopment strategist; Drew Howick, professional facilitator; Fred Klancnik, civil engineer; Doug Kozel, architect; Sam Lawrence, construction specialist; Dave Mollenhoff, historian; Carol Richard, architect; James Tye, fundraising and outreach strategist; Rob Montgomery, water resources engineer; Rahel Desalegne, civil engineer; Allen Arnsten (FNW Board liaison). Advisors as needed: George Austin, policy & development strategist and Mark Schmitz, experiential designer